The importance of respiratory protection in painting and coating

The importance of respiratory protection in painting and coating

15 May 2024

In industrial environments where powder coating, painting, or surface treatment is carried out, ensuring the health and safety of workers is of great importance. One of the most critical aspects of working safely within these sectors is the use of adequate respiratory protection.

During powder coating, surface treatment, and painting, numerous harmful substances are released in the form of fumes, mists, and fine particles. These harmful particles can be inhaled and lead to health problems. To minimize the risks of inhaling hazardous substances, it is essential for workers to wear appropriate respiratory protection during these activities. This may include the use of dust masks, respirators with filters, or fresh air hoods, depending on the type of work and the levels of exposure.

VanderGrinten hood – the favorite in powder coating

Independent respiratory protection with compressed air is very popular among coating and preservation companies because it eliminates the need of frequently replacing the P3 filters. Many companies have relied on the VanderGrinten air hood for the protection of their employees for many years. A production company from Belgium with a large powder coating department recently switched to the updated version of the VanderGrinten air hood after the old hoods had served for decades. After trying out and comparing various alternatives, no product could match the quality and wearing comfort of the VanderGrinten air hood.

The VanderGrinten air hood is made of strong PVC fabric, making it durable for many years and thus a very sustainable product. Meanwhile, other products are often made with disposable-quality materials, requiring periodic replacement. An additional advantage of the VanderGrinten air hood is the easily replaceable visor. This is particularly important for surface treatment applications. Furthermore, the visor is available in both polycarbonate and acetate, making the air hood suitable for use in chemical processes as well.

VanderGrinten kap bij poedercoaten

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