Surface treatment
Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Air pollution in surface treatment
Surface treatment processes often generate significant amounts of dust, which can contribute to air pollution. Activities such as blasting, metallization, and powder coating of metal parts and products release small particles that can spread throughout the environment. Pre-treatment of materials, including sanding, grinding, and polishing, can also contribute to dust generation, leading to potential long-term health effects.

Sources of dust in surface treatment 

During powder coating, dust is released from overspray powder that does not adhere to the metal surface. These particles can harm health, and in some cases, the powder may contain carcinogenic substances like TGIC. Sanding surfaces also produce harmful dust particles. The smallest dust particles can significantly impact our health as they can penetrate deep into our airways. Implementing proper ventilation and extraction systems in surface treatment areas is a preventive measure. Additionally, choosing appropriate respiratory protection is essential to ensure worker safety. 

Arbin respiratory protection for surface treatment 

Arbin Kite air hoods provide operators with clean air and, depending on the chosen type, protect the head, neck, and shoulders from dust. In highly polluted environments, it is recommended to use a pre-filter, which is easy to replace and extends the life of the particulate filter. The air hoods are designed for easy on and off, facilitating their use during short interventions. With excellent wearing comfort, users can work for extended periods without discomfort. Therefore, respiratory protection not only effectively contributes to health but is also perceived as a comfortable solution rather than a burden. 

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