Wood processing
Wood processing

Wood processing

Air pollution in the wood industry 
In wood processing workshops, various activities generate a significant amount of fine dust, with the highest exposure occurring when using handheld machinery such as sanders, milling machines, and circular saws. Due to the proximity to the dust source, there is a high risk of inhaling harmful levels of fine dust. Wood dust, being organic, can irritate the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Allergies to different types of wood can lead to skin rashes, eczema, or asthma. 

Sources of dust in woodworking 

Mechanical operations involving wood generate dust. Automatic processes and machines release significant amounts of fine dust into the environment. Although these devices typically have extraction systems, they capture only coarse dust particles, letting the finest and most harmful ones disperse into the room. Dust particle composition varies with the wood type processed and its treatment with impregnating agents, paint, or glue. Selecting an appropriate dust mask ensures employee safety and allows them to perform their duties without health compromises. 

Arbin respiratory protection for wood processing 

Arbin Kite air hoods deliver top-tier protection and outstanding ease of use, serving as ideal woodworking dust masks. The Kite Pro Vision boasts a panoramic visor with impact protection for clear, unrestricted visibility.

Kite hood wearers benefit from no filter resistance, and a gentle overpressure of fresh air ensures a cooling flow inside the mask. These advantages lead to superior comfort, enabling extended work periods without discomfort. Thus, this respiratory protection not only safeguards health effectively but also ensures the wearer’s comfort and ease.

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