Air pollution at manufacturing plants 
On production lines, various mechanical or chemical processes often take place that create polluted air. Whether textiles, wood, cardboard, plastics, or foodstuffs are being processed, it can be said with certainty that during the production process, one is confronted with greatly increased dust levels. Employees employed in such production halls thus come into contact with a large quantity of fine dust which can cause negative health effects over time.  

Sources of dust in production plants  

Every mechanical process inevitably generates dust and fine particles. Friction between materials is the main cause of this. Think of drilling, cutting, and sanding … Certain raw or auxiliary materials are naturally dusty, and their processing is inextricably linked to the dispersion of fine dust particles in the air. Even short-term exposure can cause serious health effects. Adequate respiratory protection for operators and technicians is therefore essential.  

Arbin respiratory protection for production companies  

The Arbin Kite air hoods combine the highest degree of protection with excellent ease of use, making them an ideal dust mask for production workers. The panoramic visor with impact protection of the Kite Pro Vision ensures that visibility is not restricted. Moreover, the wearer of a Kite does not have to overcome resistance from a filter and a slight overpressure of fresh air provides a cooling air flow inside the mask. All this contributes to excellent wearing comfort that enables the user to perform their work for a long time. Thus, respiratory protection also effectively contributes to health and is not perceived as a burden. 

Most suitable products

VanderGrinten airhood | AG-2 VanderGrinten airhood | AG-2

VanderGrinten airhood | AG-2

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Kite Pro Vision Kite Pro Vision

Kite Pro Vision

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