Comparison of different types of respiratory protection

Ensuring your safety from airborne particles starts with selecting the appropriate respiratory protection. Your decision should be based on your specific environment and the risks you may encounter.

Please note that if the air lacks sufficient oxygen or the type of contamination is unknown, none of the masks and hoods listed here should be used. If you have any uncertainty, feel free to reach out to us for guidance.

When choosing a respiratory protection product, it’s essential to consider the unique properties of each type. Here, we present some commonly used types of respiratory protection equipment, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Different types of respiratory protection

Disposable dust masks
Masks that are disposable (FFP1-2-3) are lightweight and easy to use. These masks do provide some protection, but because of their significant inward leakage, they are not very effective. Additionally, these masks are uncomfortable, they cause condensation for people who wear glasses, and they are inaccessible to those who have beards. They are costly over time because they are only meant for single-use.

Half-masks have filters that can be changed and cover the mouth and nose. Half-masks do not cover the eyes or face but provide somewhat better protection than disposable masks. They are also thought to be uncomfortable and inaccessible to bearded individuals.

Belt-mounted powered air purifying respirators
These are masks or hoods with an air hose attached that connects to a belt-mounted motor and filter unit. These devices are safer and more comfortable thanks to clean air flow and slight overpressure created in facepiece. Disadvantages are rather laborious donning process, bulky air hose, and weight of motor unit. A full powered respirator is expensive.

Arbin Kite all-in-one powered air purifying respirators
The Arbin Kite system addresses many of the aforementioned disadvantages. It is an all-in-one solution that is extremely easy to use. The facepiece is put on in no time at all, as there are no hoses or motor units on the belt. As a result, the Kite is therefore more comfortable while providing the same level of protection as a belt-mounted powered air purifying respirator.

Disposable maskHalf maskBelt mounted powered respiratorArbin Kite
Respiratory resistance************
Protection level*************
Wearing glasses or having a beard***********
Ease of use************
Purchasing price************
Cost of use***********