Respiratory protection for metalworking

Respiratory protection for metalworking


When welding, harmful welding fumes inevitably form in the form of small particles that pose a real health risk when inhaled. Immediate effects of welding fumes can include eye irritation, throat discomfort, and respiratory problems. In the long term, exposure to welding fumes can lead to lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis. This also applies to other tasks in metalworking, such as grinding, deburring, and polishing, which also release large amounts of metal dust. This metal dust contains both coarse and ultrafine particles that can penetrate deep into the respiratory system. Therefore, using appropriate respiratory protection against welding fumes is essential to safeguard the health of employees.

Sources of dust in metal processing 

Every welder encounters welding fumes and metal dust. Welding fumes refer to the mixture of gases, vapors, and particles released during activities such as welding, as well as during processes like grinding or thermal cutting. While some workshops are equipped with dust extraction systems or industrial vacuum cleaners for fine dust, a portion of welding fumes still disperses throughout the area. The composition of welding fumes varies greatly depending on the type of metal, surface finish, and the type of welding electrode used.

Machining and mechanical operations also involve the release of significant dust. Furthermore, these processes may use cutting fluids, which can create aerosols – a type of mist that may contain irritating and allergenic components.

Arbin respiratory protection for welding and metalworking 

Arbin seamlessly integrates respiratory protection with a welding helmet, eliminating the need for traditional belt-mounted motor units and air hoses for welders. This innovation makes Arbin’s powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) the ideal choice for welders prioritizing comfort and ease of use.

The Kite Pro Multivision combines an automatic ADF (Auto-Darkening Filter) with the highest level of respiratory protection, significantly surpassing commonly used disposable masks (FFP2/FFP3). For metalworkers not engaged in welding activities, the Kite Pro Vision offers face impact protection, showcasing Arbin’s most versatile fresh air hood available on the market.


Best welding respirator

Kite Pro Vision Kite Pro Vision

Kite Pro Vision

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Kite Pro Multivision Kite Pro Multivision

Kite Pro Multivision

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Kite Welding

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