Air pollution in the construction industry  
In the construction industry, activities such as grinding, sawing, sanding, drilling, and milling are routine operations that contribute to dust emission. This dust, while a common byproduct of construction work, poses health risks. Even brief exposure to such airborne particles can lead to significant health concerns, underscoring the importance of acknowledging and mitigating these risks in construction environments. 

Sources of dust on construction sites

Construction sites involve the processing of materials like concrete, brick, gypsum, and sand-lime, which release fine dust particles, including harmful quartz dust. Inhalation of this dust can lead to the formation of connective tissue and pulmonary fibrosis, also known as dust lung. Intense physical exertion can cause the dust particles to penetrate deep into the lungs. It is crucial for workers operating machinery where dust is generated and for employees working in the same area or nearby to have adequate respiratory protection. 

Arbin respiratory protection for construction

An Arbin Kite air hood is an ideal solution against dust on construction sites, thanks to its extremely simple usage. Similar to disposable FFP2 or FFP3 masks, the wearer can perform their work without hindrance, but the Kite provides a significantly higher level of protection. The wearer of the Kite mask does not experience filter resistance, and a slight overpressure of fresh air creates a cooling airflow inside the mask, ensuring excellent comfort for extended periods of work. Therefore, respiratory protection not only effectively contributes to health but also does not burden the wearer. Additionally, the Kite Pro Vision variant provides impact protection for the face, enhancing overall safety on construction sites. 

Most suitable products

Kite Pro Vision Kite Pro Vision

Kite Pro Vision

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Kite Standard

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