Respiratory protection for powder coating
Powder coating

Respiratory protection for powder coating

During the surface treatment of technical components, a significant amount of dust is typically released into the surrounding air. For example, blasting, metallizing, and powder coating of metal parts and products generate small particles that spread throughout the area. Additionally, these processes are often accompanied by material pretreatments such as sanding, grinding, and polishing. In the long term, this contamination can have negative health effects.

Sources of dust in surface treatment 

During powder coating, also known as powder painting or powder varnishing, a lot of dust is released from the “overspray powder” that does not adhere to the metal. These harmful particles are detrimental to health and can, in some cases, contain carcinogenic substances. Additionally, many dust particles are released during post-treatment processes such as sanding or polishing.

The smallest dust particles particularly impact our health because they penetrate deep into the respiratory system. A preventive measure is to ensure good ventilation and extraction in areas where surface treatment takes place. Additionally, adequate respiratory protective equipment is crucial to ensure user safety.

Arbin respiratory protection for surface treatment 

The Kite air hoods provide users with clean air and, depending on the selected type, also offer protection for the head, neck, and shoulders against dust. In highly polluted environments, it is advisable to use a pre-filter. This pre-filter is easy to replace and extends the lifespan of the fine dust filter.

The air hoods are easy to put on and take off, making them convenient for short tasks. Thanks to their excellent comfort, users can perform their work for extended periods without discomfort. This ensures that respiratory protection contributes to health and is not perceived as a burden.

Best respirator for powder coating

VanderGrinten air hood | AG-2 VanderGrinten air hood | AG-2

VanderGrinten air hood | AG-2

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Kite Pro Vision Kite Pro Vision

Kite Pro Vision

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Kite Pro Heavy Duty

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