Protection against Covid-19

Protection against Covid-19

03 February 2021

Several studies showed that coronavirus settles on our salivary glands. The virus spreads in tiny salivary droplets – aerosols – created when talking, coughing and sneezing. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a global shortage of mouth masks; the best ones were reserved for healthcare facility staff. They often have close contact with high-risk groups and come into contact with infected patients.

The Arbin Kite offers the ideal solution

Of course, you can use disposable masks to protect yourself from Covid-19. In most cases, however, these fit poorly on the face, so the effect is minimal. In addition, they are very stuffy, especially if you also have to make an effort. So this type of mask offers little protection to the wearer and is very uncomfortable.

With the Kite air hood, you no longer have to worry about that. This type of mask is a so-called powered respirator, which continuously provides the wearer with filtered air. Air contaminated with viruses and particles is filtered in the filter at the top of the visor by a particulate filter (also called P3 filter or HEPA filter). The clean air is then further transported through an air channel at the top of the visor and blown down through an opening at the forehead against the inside of the visor.

So you have permanently clean air, cooling and ventilation. The visor cannot fog up on the inside either. And in addition, your eyes and the rest of your face are protected.

Does the Kite also protect against aerosols?

Sure! A P3 filter is a class higher than the minimum recommended FFP2 class against corona. A better filter than P3 does not exist, in tests it achieves an efficiency of 99.978%. This very high efficiency captures not only solid particles but also aerosols containing viruses and bacteria. This thus protects the Kite user from contamination and minimises the risk of respiratory infections.

Who is using it?

In recent weeks and months, Arbin’s respiratory protection has been discovered by dentists, dental technicians or dental hygienists. During their work, there is direct contact with the patient, all kinds of moist substances are released and the patient constantly has his or her mouth open for breathing.

Besides our entry into the world of oral hygiene, the Kite has been discovered in other industries, including the funeral industry. The sudden shortage of proper breathing protection combined with the enormous pressure on the funeral industry meant that new solutions had to be sought. Employees working in crematoria and mortuaries were at increased risk during the pandemic. Thanks to the Kite, many employees were able to continue their work and give the deceased a dignified farewell.


More expensive, but a much longer lifespan

In short, a perfect solution with maximum protection combined with particularly high wearing comfort. The rechargeable battery provides around 10 hours of use, and the built-in electronics warn the user of a clogged filter or low battery voltage. The filter lasts for weeks in most conditions, often even longer. So the initial purchase may be more expensive than a disposable mask, but in the end you will easily earn it back. So compared to other respiratory protection equipment, there are only advantages.

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