How to prevent bird fancier's lung?

How to prevent bird fancier's lung?

28 May 2021

It remains a recurring topic in various industries: the long-term consequences of inhaling harmful substances. The effect is often seriously underestimated, or sometimes the right knowledge about such substances is simply lacking. One problem on which much has been known and written, however, is bird fancier’s lung.

Extrinsic allergic alveolitis (EAA)

Extrinsic allergic alveolitis (EAA), sometimes called hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), is the scientific name for what is popularly known as bird fancier’s lung. It is a form of an allergic reaction caused by frequent inhalation of bird proteins. These proteins are released from the birds’ feathers and faeces and cause inflammation in the lungs in the alveoli. Often, these alveoli recover on their own, but the body’s repair function is not infinite. Through prolonged and frequent exposure, lung tissue can be irreparably damaged and scar tissue will form. As a result, lung capacity is reduced, which will have consequences such as shortness of breath, coughing fits and limitation of your physical abilities. 

How do you prevent the development of bird fancier’s lung?

Prevention is better than cure, which also applies in this case. There are a number of things that contribute to safe handling of all kinds of birds:

  • A separate set of clothes and shoes for when in contact with poultry
  • Make the environment dust-free by mopping regularly
  • Wash hands after every contact
  • Ensure good ventilation in the room
  • Always wear a good quality face mask, covering mouth and nose

The Arbin Kite as a solution to protect you from bird fancier’s lung

For several years, Arbin Safety Products has offered the solution for working safely in dusty and contaminated environments. The Kite P3 mask is a air hood that provides the user with filtered and cooled air. The mask features a motor unit on the Kite itself. As a result, the user does not experience breathing resistance as is the case with an FFP2/FFP3 mask. This allows the user to perform his/her work for long periods of time. With its light weight of only 930 grams and the wide visor design (which allows you to wear glasses) the Kite P3 mask is the ideal solution for high-quality lung protection!

Numerous pigeon owners have already preceded you in using the Arbin Kite air mask. Some as a precaution, others out of necessity. We have received feedback from several pigeon keepers in recent years that the Kite P3 mask has prevented them from having to stop their passion, keeping pigeons. Arbin Safety Products is therefore particularly proud that we can contribute to people’s health so that they can continue their passion.

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